SVSN Varma was first hoping to get the TDP MLA ticket from Pithapuram but then had to back out after Pawan Kalyan sought the ticket. Even in that sensitive situation, he abided by Chandrababu’s words to stick with the alliance.

Today, on the day of polling, Varma has come out and spoken about Pawan’s prospects in Pithapuram.

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“YSR Congress doesn’t even having polling agents in many areas. But their cadres are coming out and protesting on roads to create uncertainty. In Irvada booth, the situation is particularly shambolic for YCP as their candidate Vanga Geetha wasn’t even let in.” Varma said.

Varma added that 90% of the polling in Pithapuram is happening in favor of Pawan Kalyan, which if true, can ensure a landslide victory for Pawan in this assembly constituency.

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Varma’s dedication has led to a social comment that he withstood the ruling party YCP pressure, countered the fake propaganda, and has now stood as the main man behind the positive upswing for Pawan in Pithapuram.

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