Thammineni_SeetharamThere is a sentiment in Telugu politics. A leader who becomes the Speaker will lose the subsequent election. AP Speaker Tammineni Sitaram is facing the same problem.

Despite being in a constitutional post, Tammineni is being politically active and is making controversial comments every now and then.

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Ahead of the next elections, Tammineni is facing the heat of Group politics in his own constituency.

Two groups headed by Suvvari Gandhi and Chinthada Ravikumar are giving sleepless nights to Tammineni.

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In Amadalavalasa, all three leaders have different YSRCP offices and are operating independently. They are trying to attract the attention of the high command and get ticket.

Tammineni is frustrated as these leaders continuously criticize the Speaker. Earlier Tammineni is known for taking all the leaders together but this has become a big problem now.

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Tammineni won Amudalavalasa four times before winning the first time on a YSRCP ticket in 2019. It has to be seen if he can complete the sixth win in 2024 with these problems.