A recent survey on the political situation in Gudivada was revealed on social media.

According to the organization, the survey was conducted for three weeks, concluding at the end of the second week of February, with a team of 20 members exclusively focusing on Gudivada.

It took the team 5 days to analyze the facts collected during the survey.

The survey resulted in a unanimous opinion that MLA Kodali Nani is not contributing to any development in the segment and criticized his use of inappropriate language both inside and outside the Assembly.

Despite being new to Gudivada, TDP candidate Venigandla Raamu has been effective in reaching voters within a one-year period.

Venigandla runs a trust that assists all sections of the people in the Gudivada segment. He operates an Anna Canteen and provides job opportunities to the youth through his influence in private companies.

These activities have garnered support from the youth and the poorer sections, who see Venigandla as a positive force. The youth strongly believe that Kodali Nani has failed to bring about development even though he became a minister.

Women express concern about the establishment of a casino in the segment, fearing that it could adversely affect the future of their children.

The Kapu community, dominant in the Gudivada segment, is leaning towards Venigandla this time. Although the ST and SC communities favor YSRCP, they disagree with Nani’s attitude. Venigandla dominates in all three mandals over Kodali.

The survey included a question about the language used by Kodali Nani. 52% objected to the way he spoke in the media, while only 19% agreed with his language.

None of the communities in Gudivada accepted his language. According to the survey, TDP is expected to win Gudivada with a margin of a 9% vote difference, and Raamu is projected to win over Nani by a margin of 13,000 votes.

In Gudiwada Mandal, 53.9% of people support Venigandla, whereas 40% support Kodali. Venigandla also receives the support of 51% in Gundlavalleru Mandal, while Kodali only gets the support of 37% of the people.

Even in Nandivada Mandal, Venigandla has more support than Kodali, despite this mandal being strong for Kodali in the last two elections.