TDP-Vs-YSR-Congress-Vs-Janasena---Winning-Factor-in-Andhra-Pradesh-ElectionsWe are less than one week away from the elections in Andhra Pradesh. In three more days, the campaigning time will be closed. All the political parties have mixed feelings about their prospects in these elections. TDP and YSR Congress are looking confident and at the same time are worried about what is going to happen.

Janasena which is hoping for at least Kingmaker position is not sure about what is going to happen given Praja Rajyam Experiences. The major reason for this confusion is that no one knows what is going to be the winning factor in this election. Special Status looked like one before the election campaign began.

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But both the sides let it go and Chandrababu took the issue of TRS – YSR Congress friendship aggressively. As BJP poised to draw a blank, both the sides moved away. Some believe this plank may benefit TDP like how the anti-Chandrababu stance benefitted KCR in Telangana Elections. Some say TRS will not be a factor since it is not contesting here.

Then there are numerous freebies being given and promised. Both TDP and YSR Congress almost promised the moon and no one’s manifesto is looking anything less. So, none of them are confident that they have a better manifesto. After all this, no one knows what is going to be the winning factor in Andhra Pradesh Elections.

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