KTR-Responds-On-Telangana-State-Election-2023-ScheduleTelangana state assembly elections were expected to be held in November this year. In accordance, the leading parties had been preparing for the same. The central election commission had also touted Telangana recently to prepare a blueprint for the state elections schedule.

However, the latest news reports pertaining to the comment from BRS main man, KTR implies that there could be a complete change of plan in Telangana elections schedule.

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“Telangana elections will be held on time only if the notification is given by October 10. If the notification doesn’t come out by Oct 10, then the elections will get postponed.” KTR stated, according to a few media reports on social media.

The BRS scion added that he feels there’s a chance that the notification doesn’t come out by 10 October, in which case, the elections could be pushed to May 2024.

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The tenure of the KCR government comes to an end by this October and as per the initial plan, the polls were scheduled to be held by November. But now, KTR has revealed that there’s a possibility that the polls could be pushed to May.

If that really is the case, then the opposition parties, which had already been preparing for polls in November could start breathing fire on the ruling party over the delay in polls, despite the fact that there’s nothing BRS could do about it.

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Meanwhile, there is another clarification from sources that KTR hadn’t made this statement and he didn’t really comment about the elections being pushed to May.