Paritala_Sriram_TDPParitala Ravi’s scion, Paritala Sriram contested from Raptadu for the first time in the 2019 elections and lost. Sriram wants to contest from Dharmavaram this time while his mother, Sunitha will contest from Raptadu.

Former MLA Gonuguntla Surya Narayana (Varadapuram Suri) contested from Dharmavaram in 2019 and lost. He was the TDP MLA here in 2014.

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Suri joined BJP after the elections. Sriram was appointed as the in-charge of Dharmavaram after that. He is working in the constituency

There are reports that Suri may come back to TDP before the elections. In that case, Suri will insist on the Dharmavaram ticket.

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In such a case, Paritala Sriram will be shifted to Penukonda. So, there is no clarity about where Paritala Sriram will contest in 2024.

The clarity will emerge only closer to the elections.

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Paritala family, on the other hand, is keen on having Dharmavaram in their grip. They believe having control on Dharmavaram is important to have grip on Raptadu.