YS-Jagan-Ramoji-RaoAPCID questioned Ramoji Rao’s daughter-in-law, MD Shailaja Kiran once more in the Margadarshi case. The investigation went on for seven hours and Eenadu carried an article saying that they have asked the same questions again and again.

There is an organized campaign to hit Ramoji Rao, Margadarshi, and Eenadu. Previously, YSR did that and now, Jagan Mohan Reddy is up to the same task. It is not a difficult guess that it is a villy campaign to muzzle Eenadu so that it will fall in line by the time of the elections.

But Ramoji Rao retaliated by even refusing Government ads.

Margadarshi withstood a storm during YSR days. Undavalli and the then Chief Minister YSR were after it baying for Ramoji Rao’s blood. Not a single subscriber has complained about Margadarshi from then to now.

The company had over Three Lakh subscribers mainly across the Telugu States. The CID even attached assets of Margadarshi saying that it may not be in a position to pay subscribers.

Margadarshi never had an issue of problems with repayment. But AP Government is trying to push the company into that position. The motive is either Ramoji Rao should fall in line or the company should collapse bringing trouble to the media baron’s empire.

Whether Ramoji Rao falls in line or not is a different story but the lifetime savings of over 3.11 Lakh subscribers will be in trouble if Margadarshi is troubled. But they are still confident that Ramoji Rao will fight for them till the last minute and save the company. So, the subscribers are still not worried about the company.