Bharath Mathukumilli

There were several allegations against Andhra Pradesh’s Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy for obstructing the state’s development and growth during his tenure.

Recently, Bharat Mathukumilli, the Vishakapatnam MP candidate from the TDP alleged that Jagan and his party YCP is trying to make more people poor so that they can be his slaves and they will vote for him.

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He said that Jagan doesn’t want people who think and who are educated to be in the state. “He is happy if they migrate to other states because there will be no one to question him, his rule or influence people about his atrocities,” said Bharat.

During a recent interview, Bharat highlighted the contrast in GDP growth between TDP’s tenure, where it stood at 13%, and the subsequent decline to 7-8% under YCP’s rule. He noted that previously, both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana saw similar economic growth, but Telangana went far ahead after YCP came into power.

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In response to YCP’s allegations of TDP’s negligence towards Vizag’s development, Bharat reminded that it was TDP who established the Medtech Zone, where around 60-70% of COVID medical supplies were produced.

He also stated that after coming into power, YCP harassed Medtech CEO Jitendra Sharma through continuous raids. However, due to his alliances with the BJP’s top leaders, Jithendra Sharma was rescued from YCP’s harassement.

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Bharat accused YCP of consistently attempting to portray itself as the sole driver of development in the state. He gave an example with the case of Infosys, where YCP allegedly threatened the company into giving them credit for the establishment of its development center in Vizag. Thus, CM Jagan Mohan Reddy was invited to the Infosys Development Center’s inauguration in the city.

Bharat went on to challenge YCP to provide GO copies proving any subsidies or benefits granted to Infosys. He said that he will present evidence of TDP’s GOs for setting up companies like Kia in Anantapur, TCL in Tirupati, and HCL in Vijayawada.

Bharat also criticized YCP’s decision to cancelled land allocated to Lulu Mall at Vizag’s Beach Road and assigning a land near port hospital to Inorbit Mall, and termed it as hypocritical.

He asserted that YCP’s survival strategy revolves around discrediting TDP’s achievements or crediting them as their own, and failing that, laying new foundation stones for the projects that are previously undertaken by TDP.

Bharat alleged that Jagan stands out as the only vindictive politician in the Telugu states, who never continues the developmental work initiated by the previous government.