Vizianagaram District YSRCP Candidates

Elections and money – a better love story than Twilight. Every election, contestants spend a lot of money on various factors. Still, they show that they are spending within the limit set by the Election Commission.

In 2014, the average amount that an MP contestant could spend on elections was Rs. 70 lakhs, and MLA contestants could spend Rs. 28 lakhs. In 2022, the EC increased the limit to Rs. 95 lakhs for MP candidates and Rs. 45 lakhs for MLA candidates.

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According to a report by Eenadu, cash flowed abundantly in Andhra Pradesh during the recently held elections.

As per the report, in Vizianagaram district’s 11 assembly and two Parliament constituencies, the ruling party YCP’s candidates collectively spent more than Rs. 300 crores in these elections. The expenditure might be around Rs. 125 crores in Vizianagaram, Srungavarapukota, Bobbili, Nellimerla, and Parvatipuram constituencies.

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All this has been done unofficially by violating the EC’s rules. However, these contestants reported to the EC that they had spent money within the given limit.

Apart from luring voters with money, contestants also spent huge amounts to convince their own party members who were upset about not getting tickets. Not only for them, but money is also distributed to the concerned leader’s supporters as well.

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Huge amounts were also given to various associations and communities. Special meetings, lunch, snacks, everything was hosted to convince the members of these communities to vote for the contestants.

Even the contestant covered the petrol and food charges of every party worker who worked for the contestant during the elections.

Reportedly, the ruling party contestants varied the amount given to voters based on the region. In some places, they gave Rs. 1000 per vote, and in some strong areas, they had to give Rs. 1500 per vote.

It appears that contestants received funds directly from the ruling party. It was heard that the ruling party’s high command ordered contestants to spend Rs. 1 lakh for every village on the nomination day itself. Two days before the polling, money distribution was done through leaders and former volunteers.

On the whole, it looks like the YCP spent thousands of crores across the state during these elections, evading the laws of the Election Commission.