Weather Finder Ganta's 2024 Election ForecastGanta Srinivasa Rao is known to be an excellent weather finder. He always is on the winning side and becomes a minister. He ended up on the losing side in 2019. Even though he won as an MLA, TDP lost.

He remained in TDP but was mostly inactive for the last three years.

There were several rumors that Ganta will leave TDP to move towards greener pastures.

YSR Congress leaders even claimed that Ganta is trying to come into their party.

Elections are just two years away and everyone is eagerly looking at Ganta’s weather forecast.

At this juncture, Ganta arrived at the TDP office and lambasted the Jagan government.

“A few MLAs, former MLAs, and big leaders are going to join TDP soon. The anti-incumbency against Jagan increased further after the cabinet rejig,” Ganta said.

Political observers say Ganta seems to be confident that YSRCP will lose 2024 and TDP is coming back.

“He did not even attend a review meeting with Chandrababu Naidu a few days ago. But suddenly changed after the cabinet expansion. If not for that confidence of TDP winning, Ganta would not have taken a decision about his political future,” they say.