Prashant Kishor Modi

The BJP-led NDA alliance has been confidently saying that they would form the government at the center by winning 400+ MP seats. But factually speaking, there is still uncertainty on whether the BJP would win the desired 272 MP seats to first form the government.

Now, one of the main man of BJP, Amit Shah was asked about what would be the Plan B in case the BJP doesn’t get to the 272 seats magic figure. He had an interesting response to the same.

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“A plan B is needed if the plan has less than 60% success rate. In the case of BJP, we don’t have any worries as such. We are in a very comfortable position to touch the 400 mark. There is no doubt about that.” Shah said.

Incidentally, Prashant Kishor was asked the same topic and he sounded optimistic of the BJP coming back to power fairly comfortably.

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“Just because they said they’d win 400, it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t the form the government if they got just 272. A win is a win. Modi-led government is confirmed to win the 2024 election.” PK said.