Nandamuri Balakrishna Nominations Assets Affidavit

Nandamuri Balakrishna has declared his assets in the affidavit he filed as a part of the MLA nomination process from Hindupur. This brings us to the topic of Balayya’s declared assets and liabilities.

Balayya, who has been in fine form of late with consecutive box office winners to his name, is on the heavier side in terms of declared assets.

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In the affidavit filed by Balayya, it is mentioned that he has declared assets worth Rs 482 crore. Of this total value, Rs 283 crore are movable assets while another Rs 199 crore are immovable assets.

Balakrishna’s family owns 5.9 kg of gold, 156 kg of silver, and 580 carats of diamonds, totaling approximately Rs 7 crores in worth.

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Balayya is now one of the highest-paid senior actors in Tollywood, thanks to his solid market boost, and a good upward trend is seen in the case of the increase in his assets. There are reports that Balayya is charging a pretty heavy paycheck in tune with his hugely upscaled market.