It is official that TDP will be contesting 151 seats while Janasena will be in the fray for the remaining 24 seats in the upcoming elections.

To begin with, TDP announced 94 candidates and Janasena announced five seats.

A section of Janasena supporters were disappointed about getting only twenty-four seats. Their expectations were in the range of 40-75 and with power-sharing.

For anyone with political knowledge, it is easy to understand that Janasena will not get more than 30 seats.

This should not be a difficult guess if we consider the facts – Janasena has no proper structure at the grassroots, the party depends more on cinema fans and the community, the 2019 results, Pawan Kalyan is not spending enough time on the ground, etc.

But then, the expectations of the fans were always in the range of 40-75 seats and even power-sharing.

The reason for this confusion is a few Janasena supporters and leaders themselves.

Especially on social media, there are a few popular Janasena handles that peddled these numbers to increase their ‘Reach’ on Social Media. It is the natural tendency of fans to subscribe to a theory that speaks well of them.

And then, Pawan Kalyan gets humungous crowds for every road show and meeting due to his cinema popularity. Combining both these factors, the rest of the Janasena supporters also endorsed these agenda social media posts.

As more and more people believed them, they spread from social media to WhatsApp and WhatsApp to the Ground to some extent.

Pawan Kalyan also confused the supporters with contrasting statements every now and then. Then, there are leaders like Bolisetty Satya who go to the TV channels and make these exaggerated things mainstream.

YSR Congress clearly knew what was coming but extensively publicized these rumors to create confusion in the TDP and Janasena supporters. If Janasena gets fewer seats, they will be happy that Janasainiks is upset. If Janasena gets more, they will be happy with disappointed TDP supporters. Either way, they are successful and so, they carried these rumors creating false hopes in Janasena supporters.

But then, the seat-sharing did not happen on this basis. Both Chandrababu and Pawan Kalyan did their own surveys and the seats were shared based on the summary of those Surveys. Accordingly, twenty-four seats were given to Janasena as per the strength.

TDP had to leave out seats like – Nelimarla, Tenali, Anakapalli, and Rajanagaram despite having strong candidates there.

But then, this disappointment is going to be temporary. Very soon, everyone will come to terms with the reality and everything will be set by the time the notification comes.