Who Killed BabaiThe ruling party of AP, YSRC has been ratting with the YS Viveka murder case as the CBI has started to crack down on Avinash. Even Jagan’s name was bought up in the additional sheet recently as the CBI claimed that Jagan knew about Viveka’s murder before it was announced publicly.

Now, the Telugu Desam Party has started to add more fire to the fuel as the Viveka murder topic has become a hot topic in AP.

Today, in Nara Lokesh’s Yuvagalam Yatra, “Who killed Babai” posters stood as the highlight. The common public that attended Lokesh’s yatra was seen carrying these posters. The police tried to nab the same by grabbing the posters.

However, Lokesh put a step forward and he took the posters and held them by his hand. This drew a mass reception from the public. This incident stood out in the event today.

As Viveka murder case topic gains more and more attention and subsequent hate to YCP top brass, Lokesh using it to good effect in the Yuvagalam yatra today has become a topic of discussion. This is an all out attack on YCP.