KCR Owaisi

The relationship between the Majlis Party and its leader Asaduddin Owaisi, primarily centered in Hyderabad and Patabasti, appears to have limited involvement in the Andhra Pradesh elections. However, Owaisi openly appealed to AP voters to support YS Jagan in the upcoming elections.

This support seems to stem from Owaisi’s opposition to the alliance of TDP, Janasena, and BJP, as TDP has allied with BJP and Chandrababu Naidu has joined hands with Prime Minister Modi, whom Owaisi dislikes.

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Owaisi’s backing of YS Jagan could also be influenced by shared ideological stances against the BJP, as well as a desire to counter Chandrababu Naidu’s influence. Additionally, there may be a strategic alignment with KCR’s objectives, as both KCR and Owaisi aim to diminish the BJP’s power and further their own political agendas.

KCR’s prediction of the BJP’s reduced performance in the Lok Sabha elections, coupled with his aspiration to regain power in Telangana, could drive his support for Jagan in AP. If Jagan were to become Chief Minister again, it might benefit KCR’s interests and align with his strategy to counter Chandrababu Naidu’s potential influence.

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In summary, Owaisi’s support for YS Jagan in the AP elections could be influenced by a combination of ideological alignment, strategic considerations, and shared objectives with KCR. This suggests a complex web of political dynamics at play, driven by various motivations and interests.