After giving a break to personal comments on Pawan Kalyan, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is at it once again.

From the past two days (in Bhimavaram and Kakinada), Jagan has been targeting Pawan Kalyan and is making nasty comments about the Janasenani’s marriage.

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The comments he made in Kakinada the other day are even nastier and below-the-belt.

Entire state is discussing the comments and are of the opinion that the comments are not suiting to the stature of the position he holds.

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Jagan did not stop there. The video of the abuses was also posted on his official X account.

The question now is Why Jagan is poking Pawan Kalyan so much?

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Probably, he wants Pawan Kalyan to lose balance and abuse him so that there is a chance to polarize Reddys, Christians, and Dalits.

There is a sense of disappointment in these sections just before the elections.

Jagan probably wants to build a narrative by enraging them. He is using Pawan Kalyan for that.

Pawan Kalyan did not lose his calm after Jagan’s comments in Bhimavaram.

He will be in Pitapuram today. We will have to see how he responds to this!