YS Jagan Times Now Interview

If there is one big surprise to everyone, including YSRCP supporters, it is the way Jagan reads off of a paper even during simple speeches. Taking it up a notch, he even started delivering public speeches from a notepad fixed to his bus.

The other day, he sat down with a female interviewer from Times Now and answered her questions in English.

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A couple of Jagan’s responses are being trolled on social media. When the interviewer asked if there is a battle going on in his family for YSR’s legacy, Jagan said that only one person should lead and others should be supporting characters. The way he says ‘supporting characters’ makes the response sound funny and perfect material for social media these days.

When asked to differentiate between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi, the way Jagan responded is widely being trolled on Twitter. At first, he tries to avoid the question by questioning why he should express his opinion. However, when the interviewer insists that he should respond as a citizen of the country with an opinion on the Prime Minister and PM candidate, he weirdly laughs and beats around the bush.

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These two clips are viral on Twitter and once again highlight how Jagan speaks without a paper in hand.