Pawan kalyan-YSRCPThe other day, Pawan Kalyan gave a hint about his demands in the upcoming alliance with TDP. He clearly told his party leaders and followers that it is not prudent to dream about asking for power-sharing without winning at least 30-40 seats in 2019.

“Even I would not entertain such demands if I were the TDP President or BJP President,” Pawan Kalyan announced without mincing words. YSR Congress leaders immediately started attacking Pawan Kalyan for that statement.

“You dont want CM post. You may adjust yourself with Package,” Ambati Rambabu tweeted satirically.

It looks like YSR Congress and its leaders are so bothered about Pawan Kalyan and Janasena’s political future.

They are more concerned about how many seats Pawan Kalyan should ask and how he needs to become the CM instead of Chandrababu.

If Ambati or other YSRCP leaders are so concerned about Pawan Kalyan’s political future, they should make his the CM candidate from YSR Congress. These days they are most worried about Pawan Kalyan than Jagan.

The alliance of TDP and Janasena is almost like a nightmare for YSR Congress. Their plan is to egg Pawan Kalyan and Janasainiks to make unreasonable demands and foil the alliance. They are unhappy that Pawan Kalyan is setting realistic expectations for himself and his party supporters.