There’s intense competition among both TDP and Jana Sena aspirants for the Anakapalli Parliament seat. However, as part of the alliance agreement, TDP has assigned the Anakapalli Parliament seat to BJP. This decision has surprised many, considering BJP’s lack of roots in Anakapalli.

In the 2019 elections, BJP received only 1.07% of the votes, which was even less than the 2.81% garnered by NOTA in this segment. Despite this, recent reports suggest that BJP is poised to win the Anakapalli Parliament segment.

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This development is surprising given that the party failed to surpass NOTA in Anakapalli during the last general elections. The key factor behind BJP’s potential victory is the strength of TDP and Jana Sena in the Uttarandhra region.

Initially, Jana Sena wanted to contest from Anakapalli, but BJP insisted on contesting due to not securing the Visakhapatnam MP segment as part of the alliance. Anakapalli comprises seven Assembly segments: Chidavaram, Madugula, Anakapalli, Pendurthi, Elamanchili, Payakaraopet, and Narsipatnam.

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TDP is contesting in four of these, while Jana Sena is contesting in three. Interestingly, BJP is not contesting any of these Assembly segments but is vying for the Anakapalli Parliament seat. BJP has nominated CM Ramesh as its candidate for the Anakapalli Parliament seat.

However, YSRCP is taking time to announce its candidate for Anakapalli. Eventually, they announced Muthyala Naidu, the sitting MLA from the Madugula Assembly segment, as their candidate. YSRCP has employed both local and non-local strategies against CM Ramesh.

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Following his nomination, CM Ramesh has launched a vigorous campaign, garnering support from both TDP and Jana Sena cadre. Reports indicate that BJP is expected to secure 49% of the votes, while YSRCP is projected to receive 44%.

Except for Madugula, TDP and Jana Sena may emerge victorious in all six Assembly segments under Anakapalli, which would ensure BJP’s victory in the Anakapalli Parliament seat.