Sujana-ChowdaryAfter hearing this, anyone can have two doubts. If Sujana Chowdary contests, which party will he contest from? Is there any chance of winning if he contests from BJP?

Galla Jayadev, who was elected twice from Guntur to Parliament as a TDP nominee, is not showing interest in running again from Guntur. If he wins the 2024 elections, Galla will have a record of a hat-trick win after NG Ranga from Guntur.

However, the conditions suggest that he will not run again for the Lok Sabha. He may not have even toured his constituency in the last two years. After the Amar Raja episode, Galla seems to have developed an aversion to politics. Reportedly, he will not run again from Guntur to the Lok Sabha, but it is not confirmed whether he has completely left politics.

Sujana Chowdary played a key role during 2014-19 in the TDP and in the Union Cabinet and is showing interest in contesting as the Guntur MP nominee.

Sujana recently visited the Amaravathi region and met several TDP leaders, including Kanna, Alapati, and Nakka at Alapati’s house. Although Sujana joined the BJP, YSRCP considers him a Chandrababu agent.

The question here is from which party Sujana will contest?

BJP has no takers in AP. Even though Sujana is financially strong, people in AP have not believed in the BJP.

Sujana did his best to support the Amaravathi farmers behind the scenes. According to rumors, Sujana is likely to join the TDP and contest from Guntur.