Yatra 2 Movie

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Biopic (a part of his life) was made as Yatra 2. It is noteworthy that certain YSR Congress-aligned media outlets published propaganda articles in the guise of reviews.

Movie reviews typically cover the story, direction, technical aspects, and performances. However, these elements were disregarded by these biased media outlets. These media outlets resorted to Vyaktitva Vikasam classes knowing that the film was full of loopholes and political bias.

A Blue Media salivated in the Review falling head to toe with its Kula Pichi. More than the merit of the film, they lecture people portraying the movie as a motivational lecture. While they are Kula Pichi personified to give the highest ratings to the film, they lecture others to see the film as a film while reviewing.

Yes, it is true one has to watch a film as a film while reviewing. But that happens only when the intentions of filmmakers are clear.

Yatra 2 is a Biopic of a Living Person with the most recent incidents. You make a film elevating one leader and mudsling the opposition and release the film just before elections, it does not happen that way!

You have an actor who looks like a Buffoon with a big belly to play Chandrababu who is one of the fittest leaders in the country and then, you say we have no intentions. People can not be cheated easily.

They further say “It’s important to note that every leader has controversies and flaws, but not all of them are depicted in biopics”. They cite the example of NTR Biopic for it. Yes, it is true but not completely.

Yes, certain inconvenient issues are avoided in the Biopic but that is only when it is the story of the deceased leaders. It happened in the NTR Biopic and also happened in YSR’s Yatra. Nobody questioned why the alleged faction angle of YSR was not shown in Yatra!

When you make a film about an active politician and active politics, you can not ask for it!

So, there are reviews of Blue Media rating 3/5 and 4/5 and there are critical reviews.

Who is right finally? Yatra 2 has taken a dismal opening on its first day. The majority are the bulk bookings of the YSR leaders who distributed free tickets. And the second day, it is all green on Book My Show for everyone to see. This also includes Jagan’s Kadapa.