YS Jagan to Make Roja a ScapegoatTelugu Desam Party cruised to a Sensational Victory in Nandhyal By-Election by a whopping 27,456 votes over YSR Congress. The huge victory crushed the morale of YSR Congress Leader and Cadre. There is a sense of disbelief in them over 2019 elections as well.

The popular belief in the party is that Jagan and Roja’s Loose Talk during the campaign helped TDP big time. But then, the problem with the YSR Congress is that no leader has the courage to tell Jagan that the king is naked. But, Roja has got no such security.

The party leaders are blaming her for showcasing the party in poor light and taking it away from the women voters. They are demanding that her prominence in the party should be cut down so that YSR Congress regains its popularity. It has to be seen if Jagan will make Roja the Scapegoat.