YS Sharmila To Enter Andhra Pradesh Politics IndirectlyThere is a lot of buzz about YS Sharmila entering into Andhra Pradesh politics by floating a new party. We have seen her husband, Brother Anil Kumar conducting secret meetings across the state assessing the political environment in the state.

We all know that Sharmila repeatedly claimed herself as Telangana’s daughter-in-law and said her future lies in that state. Rumors are that she is not going to break that.

Sharmila’s Andhra Pradesh party will be led by her son, YS Raja Reddy (named after YSR’s father). Rumors are that the party will be announced and Raja Reddy immediately will do a padayatra.

If true, we will have to see how this strategy works out because Raja Reddy will be a completely new face to the people and moreover, there is very little time for the 2024 elections.

Sharmila will be the best bet for Andhra Pradesh politics due to her familiarity with the electorate. The party is expected to decimate the Reddy and Christian vote bank of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

It was Brother Anil Kumar who played a crucial role before the 2019 elections to get Christians to vote overwhelmingly for YSR Congress.