Nara Lokesh was last seen on the Polling Day. He cast his vote in Mangalagiri along with his wife Brahmani and later moved to his residence to observe the Polling Trend across the state.

Later on, he flew to a foreign country on a holiday. The whereabouts were not revealed to maintain his privacy.

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Even though Lokesh has been out of politics for some time, YSR Congress Politics revolves around him.

We have seen the party try to build their case in the EVM damaging issue using Lokesh.

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YSR Congress leaders’ only defense in this issue is how the video ended up in Lokesh’s Twitter account.

Even though they were caught in broad daylight, they claim the video may be morphed or a Deep fake.

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It is interesting to note that Advocate Niranjan Reddy (YSRCP Rajya Sabha MP) made similar claims even in the High Court when arguing for Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy’s anticipatory Bail.

YSR Congress is behaving as if they are missing Lokesh so much.

Sakshi today published an article saying that the Command and Control Room of all Web-casting centers has been outsourced to a Private Company (by the Election Commission) and the remote of the control room is with Chandrababu Naidu.

Their theory is that Nara Lokesh laid hands on the video through that Private Company.

It should be noted that AP CEO Mukesh Kumar Meena said that the video is original but not leaked from the Election Commission.

Meena’s admission itself is an indication that the YSR Congress’s case is feeble.

Pinnelli’s legal immunity ends on July 6th. If the Government changes, his arrest may be imminent.