Throughout Andhra Pradesh today, the YSR Congress Party’s candidates, leaders, and agents have been causing disturbances at various polling stations.

Multiple incidents have been reported across the state, with YCP leaders instigating fights with leaders of rival parties and even with voters themselves.

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This morning in Tenali, Annabathuni Sivakumar, a YCP MLA contestant, slapped a voter who asked him to join the queue instead of jumping ahead.

In another similar incident, a YCP candidate attempted to drive his vehicle into a woman who was protesting in front of it.

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Getting into details, the car belonging to Guntur’s YCP MP contestant Kilari Venkata Rosaiah tried to run over a woman and a group of people who were attempting to confront him at a police station. The video of this incident went viral on social media.

YCP has already been facing allegations for its anarchic rule. On the crucial polling day, the party’s leaders displayed their arrogance once again and are facing criticism from people.

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