YCP’s social media team has been doing many stunts to defame the alliance of Telugu Desam, Jana Sena and the BJP. Especially, the blue media has targeted Pawan Kalyan.

Various attempts are being made to dent Pawan’s chances in Pithapuram. A few days back, it was reported that TDP’s Pithapuram in charge, SVSN Varma, would join YCP.

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When the news proved to be fake, YCP social media warriors came up with another stunt. Recently, they circulated an edited video and highlighted that Varma made negative comments against Pawan Kalyan.

Now, the original video has landed on social media. In the video, Varma says, “Okay, don’t vote for Pawan Kalyan. But I have just told you about her (YCP candidate Vanga Geetha). Now, you tell me whom do you vote for?”

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“Do you want to vote for a lady who was not seen in the constituency for the last five years? Do you want to vote for the lady who caused problems for our farmers? Please think before you vote,” he added

Varma reminded everyone that when he ran for election as an independent candidate, his symbol was a ring. Now, he told his supporters to think of his symbol as a glass and asked them to vote for it.

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YCP cut statements from this clip as per its agenda and spread that video across social media platforms. Now, after the original video has surfaced, YCP’s cheap tactics have been exposed once again.