One of the Sureshot seats for Telugu Desam in the Rayalaseema region is touted to be Nagari as almost all the surveys have predicted a huge defeat for Roja here. On the day of the polling today, Roja interacted with the media and she seemed complacent about the verdict.

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“I have no problem with the local TDP leaders. But there are a few YCP leaders who worked against me in Nagari. They happily met Jagan and took his blessings, but in the local space, they worked against me. Even this morning, they campaigned for the TDP candidate” Roja said.

The fact that Roja couldn’t even wait till the counting to indirectly admit her defeat by saying the local YCP leaders camapigned for TDP shows the plight of YCP in its conventional stronghold of Seema.

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Roja was seen with a gloomy look on her face and expectedly so, given that the majority of the surveys have projected a comfortable win for TDP candidate Galu Bhanu here.

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