Kapu Ramachandra Reddy Andhra Pradesh is heading for elections in less than 10 months from now. And in accordance, YCP MLAs we’re asked by Jagan to take part in Gadapa Gadapaku in order to meet with the common public.

However, these public encounters are turning embarrassing for the YCP leaders as they’re facing a whole lot of heat.

The latest incident is involving Anantapur MLA, Kapu Ramachandra Reddy who is also YCP government whip.

He visited Bommanahal Mandal of Anantapur today and interacted with the public. The commoners questioned about the failure to deliver ration supplies, lack of Pakka houses as promised, and other issues.

The MLA was infuriated about the questioning and he started to breath fire on the public.

“I will beat you all with slippers. What do you think of yourselves?” The MLA is recorded saying to the public there. The police then intervened and threatened to file cases on the public, post which they were scattered.