YSRCP Exposed

YSR Congress and its ecosystem are doing everything to foil the vote transfer between TDP and Janasena. It relies on three Cs – Confusion, Caste, and Cinema to create differences between TDP and Janasena.

It all started with Confusion. After the announcement of the Seat-sharing, Blue Media tried to amplify every small bit of disappointment and tried to create a sensation that a big injustice is happening to Pawan Kalyan.

The strategy is to confuse the Janasena cadre and ensure that they do not vote for TDP.

The second C is Caste. They have been using the likes of Hari Rama Jogaiah to enrage the Kapu community voters of Janasena. Hari Rama Jogaiah is dictating terms even for Pawan Kalyan and set a deadline until today. He will unleash more drama from tomorrow to ensure Kapu voters do not vote to the alliance.

And the last C is Cinema. There is a Cinema rivalry between both sides for years together. At this juncture, YSR Congress released a video of a former heroine making sexual harassment allegations against a hero. Even though she did not take names, YSR Congress implied that she is speaking about Balakrishna.

TDP quickly rebutted by releasing another video in which the same heroine is seen praising Balakrishna’s character.

The idea is that due to cinema rivalry, Mega fans are expected to naturally attack Balakrishna which would upset TDP supporters.

TDP supporters would obviously retaliate and that would foil the chances of any unity.

So, the supporters on both sides should be very careful about these tactics and should only concentrate on their common goal – defeating Jagan and coming to Power.