YS-Vivekananda-Reddy-Avinash Reddy- JaganYSR Congress very casually uses the argument – Chandrababu Naidu manages all systems be it in power or in the Opposition. This did not come all of sudden, it has been a routine even from the days of YS Rajasekhar Reddy and Jagan is following it.

But then, the propaganda worked to some extent. However, YSR Congress has gone for kill of this plan. The Ruling Party in Andhra Pradesh is in defense in YS Viveka’s murder case and the perception of Jagan trying to save his own MP has come as a big trouble.

YSR Congress is using the same formula ‘Chandrababu managing’ to come out of this mess as well. But this time, it is not the systems, Chandrababu is managing YS family members itself. But then, it is embarrassing the party big time.

People are mocking the party how the Chief Minister’s family itself can be so vulnerable that too for an Opposition leader whom YSR Congress says will never come into power. Some others are questioning why would own sister desert Jagan if not ill-treated.

They are citing the example of Sharmila how she is upset with Jagan and has gone to Telangana politics.