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Miserable Comedy


‘U/A’ Certified, 2 hrs 19 mins

At Nartanasala Review, At Nartanasala Movie Review, RatingsWhat Is the Film At Nartanasala About?
Radha Krishna (Naga Shaurya) is a woman caring guy. He runs an institute training women in self-defence. Two girls, Manasa (Kashmira) and Satya(Yamini Bhaskar) , enter his life. He loves one and admires other. What happens when his father mixes up the girl and fixes marriage in a hurry? How Krishna escapes it and the consequences he faces, as a result, is what the film is all about?

How Is Naga Shaurya’s Performance?
Naga Shaurya just walks through the movie lazily. If one has seen the teaser that is all there to be said about the acting in the movie. He repeats those expressions a few more times and that’s it. There is even no chemistry with the heroines and it can’t be put on the character alone. If that was the case an awkwardness should be present which is nowhere to be seen. The positive aspect is the styling and body language in action scenes.

At Nartanasala Review, At Nartanasala Movie Review, RatingsDirection by Srinivas Chakravarthy?
Srinivas Chakravarthy is making his debut as a director with At Nartanasala. We have to say it is one of the worse debuts in recent times. It reminds us of the forgotten Joru. The story is weak but what makes it unbearable is the inept execution.

For a predictable plot, there are a lot of things that must come to its support. The actors have to do their best and the screenplay has to be engaging from the word go. And on top of these, the direction has to be gripping making one forget the weaknesses.

Everything that we said above happens in reverse in, At Nartanasala. Each successive scene tests the patience of the audience. The contrived emotions make one squirm in the seats. And there is no respite in this formula. Not only is the story predictable, here, each and every scene is foreseeable. Well, not everything, there are the heroines who randomly appear and disappear. Their presence on screen is something no one can guess.

By the time we reach the middle of the second half, the impatience reaches such a level that only two options are left, either walk away slowly or run for the hills. After a promising Chalo, Naga Shaurya gets it terribly wrong on multiple levels with At Nartanasala.

At Nartanasala Review, At Nartanasala Movie Review, RatingsKashmira Pardeshi and Others?
There are two heroines in the movie, Kaashmira and Yamini Bhaskar. Both are useful in the narrative only for songs, the former in a homely way, and the latter in hot style. There is nothing to talk about their acting skills. Shivaji Raja is in elements even though he overcast. Same can be said about Jayaprakash Reddy. After a long time, Sudha overacts. Ajay is wasted with a poorly etched character. The rest of the actors have very little to do narrative-wise.

At Nartanasala Review, At Nartanasala Movie Review, RatingsMusic and Other Departments?
If there is anyone who has given his hundred percent effort in this mess of a film, it is Mahati Swara Sagar. He has given decent songs and a good background score. Only the scenes aren’t in sync with it. Usually, the opposite happens with bad works. The cinematography is patchy. Editing is bad. The writing, handled by the director, is hollow.

At Nartanasala Review, At Nartanasala Movie Review, RatingsHighlights?
Two Songs and BGM

Second Half

At Nartanasala Review, At Nartanasala Movie Review, RatingsAlternative Take
Not that it is a fine example of an entertaining film, but something like Masala with more masala or fresh fun elements.

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At Nartanasala Review by Siddartha Toleti


Final Report:

At Nartanasala is a big disappoinment. If you watched the teaser, you already have watched the best of the film. Visit back for our frank and detailed review soon.

Finally, the movie is heading towards the climax.

– There is no improvement in comedy in the second half also, the movie is going through motions.

– Naga Shaurya struggling as a Gay to bring a change in some family members taking the advantage of another Gay Ajay.

– At Nartanasala second half started. The girl Naga Shaurya loved, Manasa (Kashmira Pardeshi) comes back.

First Half Report:

At Nartanasala is a kind of film that relies mostly on the entertainment but most of the comedy that comes in the first half is either very routine or weak. However, the interval Gay twist is interesting and has a scope for the better comedy. The real test lies in the second half. Stay tuned for the final report.

– A twist comes into play when Naga Shaurya tried to escape the wedding proposal by acting as a gay.

– Naga Shaurya resuces Kashmira Pardeshi from a problem. On the other hand, he meets Yamini Bhaskar which causes a misunderstanding for his father to settle a wedding proposal with Yamini’s family by mistake.

– Naga Shaurya sees the struggle in the women when he grows up, starts a fitness institute for the women.

– Sivaji Raja and his father badly wanted a baby girl but his wife gives birth to a boy. He raises his son as a girl child including dressing fearing the baby’s grandfather’s health.

– Strange coincidence- At Nartanasala show begins with a dialogue on Harikrishna, Balakrishna etc.

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Preview: @Nartanasala

@Nartanasala‘ hogs your attention for the title, the title of the classic movie tweaked a bit. The movie has garnered a good amount of attention because of the teaser’s content. Naga Shourya‘ previous hit ‘Chalo’ is also one of the reasons to expect something refreshing from the young hero’s own production.

Naga Shourya is said to be playing a gay though we have doubts if he playing a gay or acting as a gay in the movie. This will be the first of its kind as we have never seen our Telugu heroes playing gay characters. Debut director Srinivas Chakravarthy has directed the movie and hence, the expectations lie heavily on Naga Shourya’s character and the story.

The advance bookings on the movie are better than the previous week’s releases but very low. However, they aren’t anywhere close to ‘Chalo’. Just before it’s release, the sad news (Nandamuri Hari Krishna’s sudden demise) has occupied not only the media space but also the online space.

But, the buzz the movie has got by the virtue of the promo material has created certain expectations and in this scenario, the word of mouth from the first shows is very crucial. Let’s see if Naga Shourya will entertain in all of his elements as a gay in ‘@Nartanasala’.

Stay tuned for a comprehensive and unbiased mirchi9 ‘Nartanasala’ review.

Nartanasala US Premier gross -$5400 at 6 pm EST.