Bramayugam Telugu Movie Review

Slow-Paced Horror, Terrific Performance


U/A, 2h 19m

Mammootty-Bramayugam-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Arjun Ashokan enters the haunted mansion, which looks almost ready to collapse, in the middle of a forest. Kodumon (Mammootty), who appears to be the head of the mansion, lets him in and calls him his guest. There is only one other person in the mansion who cooks food for Kodumon. The person is captive there, and the true character of Kodumon, as well as how Arjun Ashokan eventually escapes from the haunted mansion, unfolds in the story of Bramayugam.


Mammootty as Kodumon delivers a solid but nuanced performance. Firstly, Bramayugam is not a regular film; a unique film requires a unique and convincing performance to make the experience different, and that is where Mammootty excels.

His age perfectly fits the role he plays, and his simple styling with a Gothic flavor, reflected through his dialogue delivery, teeth, and peculiar expressions, is pitch-perfect.

Although it may seem like he is simply seated in a chair throughout the film, it is his close-up shots and facial expressions that do the work. They leave an impact and once again remind us of what a solid performer he is.


Rahul Sadasivan directs Bramayugam; he has a wafer-thin plot to start with, but the idea of giving it a complete black-and-white tone instantly brings interest and gives the film a whole different appeal.

The beginning is interesting due to the setup, visuals, and casting. They instantly grab our attention. The abandoned mansion itself feels like a character. Although the entire first half is very slow-paced, it maintains intrigue despite several boring moments.

What works in favour of the film is its unique appeal and writing, coupled with solid, nuanced performances by the minimal cast, and capable direction generating enough suspense. The interval is also decent and makes us look forward to what will be revealed in the second half.

Because the proceedings revolve around minimal characters, the lack of layers in the drama will constantly bring boring moments. The buildup is neat, but it lacks a solid follow-up to give the high. It is what one generally calls “packing a punch.”

Also, the director builds Mammootty’s character so neatly, although it takes its own sweet time. One subconsciously begins to expect fireworks from this character when the real matter is revealed. But, by then, the character gets diluted to work ‘decent’ at best, perhaps due to the wafer-thin story or the turn it takes.

However, what still keeps us engaged is the solid performances and top-notch technical work that flow throughout the film, despite giving us ‘Tumbbad’ vibes.

Overall, Bramayugam begins strongly with great acting, superb visuals, and BGM, but the story becomes predictable towards the end, where it matters. The slow-paced first half doesn’t pay off in the end. While the film is unique, it doesn’t reach the iconic level of Tumbbad. If you are a fan of the horror/thriller genre and don’t mind the slow pace, the film is worth watching.

Amalda-liz-Bramayugam-Telugu-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

Bramayugam features a very limited cast, with only three prominent characters: Mammootty, Arjun Ashokan, and Sidharth Bharathan. There is also a brief scene with a female character, Amalda Liz.

Arjun Ashokan delivers a standout performance that will be remembered in his career. He maintains a perfect balance throughout, never overdoing or underplaying his role. Bramayugam adds a memorable role to his filmography.

Similarly, Sidharth Bharathan delivers exactly what is required for his role, fitting the character well.

The female character portrayed by Amalda Liz has little impact, it’s not her fault. She only appears in a single scene, which gives the impression that her part may have been edited out in the final cut.

Music-Director-Christo-XavierMusic and Other Departments?

Even though Bramayugam has a couple of songs, the film heavily relies on the background score, which must complement the film for it to work and elevate the proceedings.. Music Director Christo Xavier is an asset in this regard. The quality of the BGM matches the uniqueness of the film perfectly and creates intrigue.

Special mention should also be made of Sound Designer Jayadevan Chakkadath and Sound Mixing by M R Rajakrishnan.

The camera work by Shehnad Jalal ISC is excellent. He creates the perfect vintage black and white tone for the film and serves as a backbone. Artwork by Jothish Shankar is also an asset, contributing to the film’s unique appeal.

Overall, the technical team collaborating on Bramayugam has delivered a solid product as a team.


Mammootty’s performance

Novel approach

Technically sound

BGM & Camera work

Casting, though very limited


Slow pace

Slow story buildup in entire first half

Several boring moments

Intriguing moments, weak follow-ups

Mammootty’s character dilutes by the end

Sidharth-Bharathan-Bramayugam-Telugu-Movie-ReviewDid I Enjoy It?

Yes, despite some boring blocks.

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, only for horror genre fans who don’t mind a slower pace.

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