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Yash KGF Chapter 2 ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

KGF: Chapter 2 takes off from where the first one ended. Rocky has now claimed the KGF, only to realise that there are more. While he eyes them all, a new challenge is thrown his way in the form of Adheera from a Vikings background. Circumstances force Rocky to leave KGF as he wages war with him.

When one thinks Rocky is getting the upper hand at battle with Adheera, a bigger force becomes an obstacle. It is a political one with the Prime Minister directly involved. How Reena (Srinidhi Shetty) is involved in all these? How does Rocky manage Reena, Adheera and the Prime Minister, and what happens, in the end, is the movie’s basic plot.


Yash reprising the role of Rocky, which has become so iconic, just lives the part. He brings back all the laid-back attitude and swag related to the part with ease and confidence. The styling with the suits and beard is excellent. However, there is no new challenge for him in the second chapter as an actor. One can even say the first part had a better balance emotionally and heroically. Here, it is all about heroism, and he delivers it in abundance.

Srinidhi Shetty still has a supporting part kind of role in KGF 2 like the original. However, it is more critical to the narrative and less flashy than the first part. She is critical of a certain twist in the movie towards the end of the film.

Director Prashanth Neel KGF Chapter 2 ReviewAnalysis 

Prashanth Neel, who shot to fame nationally with KGF, is back with its concluding part, KGF: Chapter 2. It is similar to KGF in body and soul as the director throws bigger challenges to elevate his hero further.

The basic idea summation of the KGF 1 and 2 can be said as the journey of Rocky from a man to a myth to a legend. If the first part dealt with the trajectory from ‘man to myth’, the second part takes it from ‘myth to a legend’.

KGF: Chapter 2 is about the elevation of Rocky. After a grand re-introduction, Prashanth Neel takes a predictable route to elevate him. He throws him into a big challenge in Adheera. The narrative follows a broader stroke allowing Adheera to dominate initially.

The problem with KGF: Chapter 2 is that while one can see the arc happening on screen, there are hardly any ‘feelings’ for the same. There is no emotional depth as everything happens superficially. The attempt to make the connection fails as its unconvincing. We see that with Adheera’s intro and his track.

So, while we are intrigued by the world of KGF, the incidents that shape the journey aren’t that effective. A large part of the first half deals this way before Rocky strikes again. Luckily, Prashanth Neel still has a firm grip on the elevation moments. Here, he delivers even though they get progressively senseless (in a positive way).

The second half maintains the momentum created around the interval mark by introducing a much bigger force. The mix of the political drama doesn’t feel out of place as we have had brief moments sprinkled throughout. However, it is only in the second half that it becomes the mainstay.

The political force is the final obstacle in the journey of Rocky becoming a ‘legend’. The director takes a mass elevation route to instil this image in the viewers’ minds. It goes into the overdose zone with a few face-offs and acts, but one is not entirely surprised. In fact, one is amused with the proceedings and their ridiculousness. It requires a great amount of suspension of disbelief to process all that, and that’s where Prashanth Neel scores.

The pre-climax could have been better handled. The emotions and actions flowing here are way over the top, even for the KGF terrain. We see traces of an Agneepath like a battle between the two forces, but Sanjay Dutt is too old to pull it off this time. The climax part making Rocky a ‘legend’ is alright.

KGF: Chapter 2, in its entirety, is more like the first half of KGF. The major difference is that for a significant chunk in the first half (after the intro of Adheera), Rocky takes a backseat. The emotional connection of the second half of KGF and the subsequent heroic elevation for the masses is missing here.

Overall, KGF: Chapter 2 is a stylishly made sequel high on action and spectacle but is dull in drama and emotions. Weaker villain and conflict further mar the narrative, but the elevations hold it all together. If you like the first part of KGF and understand its weaknesses, the chances are high that you would feel the same about KGF: Chapter 2 and like it. However, if you have extremely high expectations, it will lead to an underwhelming feeling.

Srinidhi Shetty KGF Chapter 2 ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Rao Ramesh, and Prakash Raj are new additions to the KGF world. Prakash Raj has replaced the reliable Ananth Nag in the narrative. One misses the veteran, especially in Telugu with Subhalekha Sudhakar. Prakash Raj is alright.

Sanjay Dutt’s look has been well designed, there is a huge effort to show him menacing, but the age catches up to him. He is not the same now as he was a decade ago. He looks old and doesn’t look that challenging before a young Rocky (Yash). Raveen Tandon doesn’t have such a problem as it’s not about her physicality. She is good at playing an aggressive person. Rao Ramesh is fine, but he goes overboard needlessly. The rest of the actors reprising their roles from the first part are good.

Music-Director-Ravi-BasrurMusic and Other Departments?

Ravi Basrur’s music is the lifeline of KGF. The background score works wonders, even if it’s audibly louder. Bhuwan Gowda’s cinematography is extraordinary, again. The visuals alone are a reason to watch the movie once. Ujwal Kulkarni’s editing is decent. There is a lag in proceedings despite him benefiting from fewer back-and-forth narrative cuts like the first part. The writing is good, in parts.

Sanjay Dutt KGF Chapter 2 ReviewHighlights?

Rocky’s Mass Elevations
Technical Prowess


No Emotional Depth
Weaker Antagonist
Predictable Trajectory

RaveenTandon KGF Chapter 2 ReviewAlternative Take

While the heroine track is definitely better than the original, it could have been better utilised in the narrative. Similarly, the political mix could have come a little earlier.

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, In Parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, But With Slight Reservations

KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review by M9News

Final Report:

Overall, KGF Chapter 2 is a mixed bag. It has its strengths technically and a few elevations, but it lacks a strong villain, conflict, and emotional depth. The latter especially is a significant miss compared to the first part.

— That explosive KGF2 teaser firing episode is executed well but lacks the situation that can create the right impact in the narrative.

— KGF 2 second half started. Ramika Sen (Raveena) orders bring Rocky down mission.

First Half Report:

The movie’s first half makes the best use of its strengths action, BGM and hero. However, the conflict with Adheera isn’t exploited well, one does get a underwhelming feeling.

— Toofan song is a typical elevation number highlighting Rocky and his attitude. It works well in the narrative, and that’s all it matters.

— Rocky bhai begins a new operation in Narachi called Sector three by nine. Rocky bhai says greed is progress.

— A terrific ‘re-Introduction’ for Rocky Bhai, now the leader of KGF. It’s brief but effective.

— KGF 2 starts with a slick recount of the first chapter.

KGF 2 Movie Review, US Premiere updates will begin shortly. Stay tuned.

The long wait for KGF 2, the sequel of cult mass blockbuster KGF, is set to end soon. KGF 2 will hit screens all over the world on April 14th. Prashanth Neel directs the movie starring Rocking Star Yash in the iconic role of Rocky.

After Baahubali movies, KGF is the second movie from the Southern film industry that is coming as a duology or with a part two. The result is an extraordinary amount of buzz about the film across the country. It is expected to shatter the opening day record in Hindi for a dubbed movie and challenge all time. The former is assured for the Telugu version, too, whereas the latter is impossible.

Other major targets for KGF: Chapter 2 is aiming for the top opening day grosses, including all the languages. A third position is assured, but can it reach the top 2 is the question.

Prashanth Neel has become a huge brand with KGF itself. There will be no looking back for him if the second chapter succeeds. He will be the next big sensational director from the South if he isn’t already. The same would be the case with Yash, who will cement his position at the top in the Kannada film industry.

The all-time highest-grossing dubbed movie is also up for grabs for KGF: Chapter 2 in Telugu. It will depend on the talk, though. But don’t be shocked if the same is achieved over the extended weekend if KGF 2 lives up to the hype.

As always, M9News will give a ‘First-On-Net’ KGF 2 movie review genuinely and honestly. Keep watching this space for more updates.