Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Movie Review

Partially Effective


U/A, 2h 16m

Sundeep-Kishan-Ooru-Peru-Bhairavakona-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?

Basava (Sundeep Kishan) is a stuntman by profession—however, circumstances force him to become a thief. The movie’s basic story is what happens when Basava reaches Bhairavakona while getting chased by cops as a direct consequence of his stealing.

The circumstances forcing Basava to become a thief and its connection with Bhoomi further add to the core story.


Sundeep Kishan is back in a full-fledged role in Telugu after a gap. He plays a unique character of a stuntman, but the story doesn’t explore that aspect much. We get his usual fast-faced comic punches and dramatic moments.

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona isn’t the kind of movie that gets remembered for its performances. It is a commercial project packed with entertainment and regular emotions. Sundeep Kishan does well on those counts in his typical style.

Varsha Bollamma plays an important role, but the lead pair lacks chemistry. The intended emotion at the end fails to materialize due to the inorganic presentation of the love track. Performance-wise, she is adequate, with nothing particularly noteworthy to praise or criticize.

Kavya Thapar gets a slightly more energetic role than usual. She does well in the part that doesn’t require much heavy-duty performance. Also, glamour-wise, there isn’t anything here as the director sticks to keeping the role within the context of the narrative without unnecessarily glamorising it.


Vi Anand, the director behind flicks like Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada, Okka Kshanam and Disco Raja, is back with a new outing. The unique idea for the stories is the USP of Vi Anand, and Ooru Peru Bhairavakona is no different.

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona begins on an exciting note. The sequence until the title feels exciting. And following it up with the hero’s intro under a unique turn of events makes one curious regarding the proceedings.

However, things soon go out of control, quite chaotic ‘literally’ with the heroine’s introduction. It is a long and tiring sequence where so many things happen. The emotion that’s building behind the entire thing is a serious one, but the way it happened doesn’t make one take it seriously. Again, the whole sequence ends on a curious note. It makes one look forward.

The same progression of curiosity at the end after scratching the head kind of stuff follows when Basava enters Bhairavakona village, and we get a glimpse of the world.

The embedded entertainment in the narrative is a mixed bag. Some work and others are highly clichéd. The mix of comedy, drama and intrigue is where Ooru Peru Bhairavakona falters. The first hour lacks cohesiveness regarding the plotting to deliver a gripping outing.

The pre-interval and interval block finally give clarity and perspective regarding the core story elements. Also, the VFX and execution are really neat here. We get further perspective when things resume in the second half.

The movie’s best stretches come post-intermission once we know what lies ahead and the target. A couple of blocks land the punches right and show us the past hilarious comic blend work from the director.

However, the happiness doesn’t last long because Vi Anand’s final act feels forced, leading to disappointment. Also, the Bhairavakona lore isn’t fully explored and remains unclear even after completing the entire film.

The twist in the tale fails to give the right emotions. That the sequence itself required better handling is a secondary issue. The crucial emotion related to love doesn’t generate as the foundation (which takes us to the start) is on shaky grounds.

The ending is okay, but without the emotions, it doesn’t reach the needed excitement. It feels like there should be a satisfying ending, but it doesn’t happen.

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona has a unique premise like most Vi Anand movies, and like most of his flicks, it works in parts but fails to generate the required punch as a whole. It ends up half-baked.

Overall, “Ooru Peru Bhairavakona” works in parts, especially the interval episode, but as a whole, it lacks clarity on the Bhairavakona world-building, and the love track also doesn’t click well. Try it if you like to watch something different and have little expectations.

Varsha-Bollamma-Ooru-Peru-Bhairavakona-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors

There is not much of a supporting cast here with significant roles. The one who easily stands out is Varsha Bollamma because the main story concerns her. She is alright, emotions-wise. But, she comes across as sophisticated, considering the character she plays.

Viva Harsha, Vennela Kishore, and P Ravi Shankar are others to get decent parts. Viva Harsha is his usual self, and so is Vennela Kishore. The good thing is that they get some one-liners, which work well. Vadivukkarasi’s look helps to add mysteriousness, but the character lacks the impact. The rest of the cast comprises names like Brahmaji, Duvvasi Mohan, and Jayaprakash are okay.

Music-Director-Shekar-ChandraMusic and Other Departments?

Sekhar Chandra, a frequent collaborator with Vi Anand and a regular presence in Ooru Peru Bhairavakona’s kind-of flicks, does well. He delivers a chartbuster number and gives a background score that follows a template but works.

The cinematography is neat, capturing the night mood effectively. The messy editing makes the narrative lack a smooth flow in the first half. It feels chaotic and rushed. The writing is decent.

The production quality by AK Entertainments and Hasya Movies is good and does not appear compromised.


Basic Idea (Involving Bhairavakona Village)

Entertainment In Parts

Pre Interval and Interval


Confusing Bhairavakona Lore

Messy Narrative

Uneven Tone

Inorganic love track/emotions

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, In Parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, With Reservations

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Movie Review by M9

Final Report:

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona has a unique premise like most Vi Anand movies, and like most of his flicks, it works in parts but on the whole it doesn’t generate the required punch. Try it for something different but keep expectations in check.

First Half Report:

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona begins on an exciting note, creating instant intrigue. However, it is followed by a non-serious lengthy heroine track. Despite this, pre-interval and interval episodes raise curiosity for the second half.

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona kicks off with a thrilling start, taking us right into a different setup. Stay tuned for the first half report.

Stay tuned for Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Review: USA Premiere Report.

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona comes from the director Vi Anand, known for previous films like Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada and Okka Kshanam. His last film, Ravi Teja’s Disco Raja, was released in 2020. After a long gap, he is now back with a different film, Ooru Peru Bhairavakona.

Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Kavya Thapar, Varsha Bollamma, Vennela Kishore, Viva Harsha

Director: VI Anand

Presenter: Anil Sunkara under AK Entertainments

Producer: Razesh Danda
Banner: Hasya Movies

Co- Producer: Balaji Gutta
Music: Shekar Chandra
DOP: Raj Thota
Editor : Chota K Prasad

U.S. Distributor: Sarigama Cinemas

Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Movie Review by M9