Pareshan Movie Review

More Pareshan, Less Fun



What Is the Film About?

Issac (Thiruveer) and his friends are typical jobless youth who waste time boozing around and get scolded by their parents. As if aimlessness was not an issue, Issac faces an unexpected problem that changes his life due to his girlfriend, Shirisha. The movie’s basic plot revolves around the incident and how he overcame it.


Thiruveer playing the role of Isaac fits the bill perfectly of a wayward, mostly sloshed youth. His unique body language and physique add to the character. As an actor, too, he does well enough to make things work. But, at the same time, he fails to make it a memorable one. In short, Issac is a role that Thiruveer doesn’t spoil, but it doesn’t get elevated by his actions either.

Pavani Karanam is okay. She has a few moments in the first half that work with the lead. However, she goes missing for the most part in the second half. Also, the naturality required to make things work is missing in emotional scenes which generates fun.


Rupak Ronaldson writes and directs Pareshan. It is a rooted comedy cum drama set in Telangana interiors, the likes of which are coming pretty frequently recently.

The movie takes time to get going as the director has a lot of characters to establish. There is a hero, his friends, his gang, and the world around them. The good thing is the humour present throughout, whether it works as intended or not.

It is only after getting to know a lot about the characters and the setting that the actual story kicks in. It is a thin line, but the events around it make it a decent watch. The interval makes one slightly curious about how the second half will progress.

Things change drastically in the second half, as the core issue changes from what was perceived before the interval. The narrative shifts focus, and it is all about money and the struggle for it.

The comedy takes a backseat, focusing more on the drama. It would have been fine if things moved that way, provided the drama was intense. Here the director tries to mix the humour in the proceedings. The seamlessness required for the narrative goes for a toss as a result.

The comedy, a couple of blocks do work, seems force-fitted into a dramatic narrative. The organic flow is missing as a result. The characters, too, feel all over the place, with each one exploding into different sides. The script and drama need extreme focus to bring it all together and not look like a loose cannon. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen here.

The boozing culture and nativity touches, like the sequence in the marriage related to non-veg etc., peppered throughout, shows the director knows his terrain. They are presented naturally without any cinematic presentation or degradation of the milieu.

But, the problem is, by the end, one hardly cares about what happens to any of the characters, which is the biggest undoing of Pareshan – its biggest failure. There was potential and content in parts, but it hasn’t been brought together to create a substantial impact.

Overall, Pareshan is another addition to the Telangana-based rooted village dramas, which works in parts. However, it misses the mark as things derail after a point. Watch it if you don’t mind the repetitiveness and weak story, and have expectations in check.

Performances by Others Actors

Muralidhar Goud seems to have become a must in Telangana-setting movies. He plays a strict father neatly, but we have seen him do the same before in varying degrees. The cast playing the friends is alright. They do well in the situations, but none stand out among the crowd.

Music and Other Departments?

Yashwanth Nag’s music is a weak link in the film. The songs don’t work and are a dampener. The background score is alright, though. Vasu Pendem’s cinematography is decent, considering the low budget and setting at hand. The editing gives a messy feel to the movie at times. It should have been much better as the director, Rupak Ronaldson, is involved along with Hari Shankar TN.


Humour In Parts
First Half


Uneven Tone
Missing Memorable Characters
Second Half
Weak Audio

Did I Enjoy It?
Not much

Will You Recommend It?
Again, not much

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Final Report:

After a decent first half, Pareshan derails post-intermission. Thin storyline aside, repetitiveness in humour and lack of authentic and memorable characters hamper the flow. Parts of the movie work, but that is about it on the whole.

First Half Report:

Pareshan is another rooted Telangana-based dramedy that relies heavily on humor to pull things. Some of it works while a few parts look ordinary. A lot depends on the second half to see where it ends eventually.

— Pareshan show started, stay tuned for the first half report.

Cast &; Crew: Thiruveer, Pavani Karanam, Bunny Abiran, Sai Prasanna, Arjun Krishna, Shruthi Riyan, Buddarakhan Ravi, Raju Bedigela.

Written And Director: Rupak Ronaldson

Music Director: Yashwanth Nag
Dop: Vasu Pendem
Producer: Siddharth Rallapalli
Founder: Hema Rallapalli
Associate Producer: Viswadev Rachakonda
Art & Costume Director: Sripal Macharla
Editor: Hari Shankar TN & Rupak Ronaldson
Co- Directors: Pandith Vijay Kumar, Aryan sandy
Chief AD: Gopi Krishna Shakapuri
Direction Team: Suresh Andhe, Gana Challa, Geetha Sarapu, Chigure Vijay, Aravind Bathhini, Sai Raana, Nikil Snow

Banner: Waltair Productions