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Bhama Messed Up


U/A, 2h 14m

kajal-aggarwal-satyabhama-movie-reviewWhat Is the Film About?

ACP Satyabhama is a dynamic officer heading the SHE team, and cracking many cases successfully. The story of Satyabhama is about a case related to a woman named Haseena. She comes to complain about a guy Yadhu. The investigation ends in a tragedy.

The story of Satyabhama revolves around Haseena’s murder and how the ACP finds the killer facing multiple oddities coming her way.


Kajal plays a tough cop in Satyabhama. It’s a first for her in the career. At this age it looks like a suitable part. But, does she have the dramatic skills to pull it off is the real question. The answer to that we have to say is a mixed bag.

To give credit to Kajal, she does put the best foot forward. She tries her best to look tough and commanding. She also does decently in the action scenes as the screen presence comes in handy with stylish makeover (especially costumes wise). But, when it comes to the psychological aspects of the part, things could have been better.

Naveen Chandra plays a cool husband part who does the voiceover narration of the story. He is a good presence in the movie, but doesn’t have much to do otherwise.


Suman Chikkala writes and directs Satyabhama. It is a typical investigative thriller with twists and turns following the classic narrative.

So, the movie begins with establishing the character and world of Satyabhama. It is simple and on predictable lines. In case one is wondering, it is what we see usually with a male star heading such projects. Only here, things are reversed.

The movie kicks off when the Haseena’s character is introduced. Anyone who has seen the trailer might get an idea what could happen next. The incident that follows investigating her case leaves Satyabhama emotionally scarred.

Everything looks fine on paper and is also executed decently until this point. It is despite the whole thing looking formulaic. The background score and editing do the trick here.

The problem with Satyabhama starts when another character named Iqbal goes missing. At first, it looks intriguing, but as more characters and subsequently the plot is expanded, the narrative quickly turns convoluted. Satyabhama, the movie doesnt entirely recover from it.

The interval bang is alright, but frankly it feels more like a relief to process what all that has been thrown at before it during the pre interval and interval sequences.

The second half resumes and the confusion only grows and the narrative moves in multiple directions leaving one scratching the heads.

At a point, a character in the movie exclaims – it started as a missing person case, that later turned into an attempted murder investigation, and then a murder investigation. While all this is happening there is a terrorism angle thrown in. The words coming out from him couldn’t have been truer regaing the narrative itself. It is all over the place with a gaming angle mixed with augmented reality mixed into it as well.

Satyabhama is not entirely a lost cause and the ending half an hour stretch offers some respite after all that’s happens.

It is the coming together of various pieces when the exposition related to the story happens, that things look to come together and offer some relief. The ending is also decent. But, the problem is one might have lost all the interest by that time.

Overall, Satyabhama is a muddled investigative thriller that mixes too many different ideas simultaneously making one lose interest in the actual core story. Try it if you are a hardcore thriller genre fan, it might offer intermittent engaging bits otherwise stay away as it’s torturing the brain.

naveen-chandraPerformances by Others Actors

The movie has many actors and a few of them get decent moments towards the end. The actor playing Iqbal could have been better, though. Harshavardhan is wasted. The team under Satyabhama lack charm to impress and stand out.

music-director-sricharan-pakalaMusic and Other Departments?

Sricharan Pakala provides the music and background score for the movie. The songs have decent vibe going on musically, but none have a memorable quality. The background score is excellent and it’s a major reason that keeps things exciting whether or not exciting things happen on screen. The cinematography is alright for a movie of this scale. The editing is okay in parts. The writing is on predictable lines considering the genre.



Basic Story

Pre Climax


Convoluted Narrative

Missing Depth

Generic Writing

Performances In Key Moments

Did I Enjoy It?

Yes, Very Few Parts

Will You Recommend It?

Yes, But With Huge Reservation And Mostly For Thriller Movie Lovers Only

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