Young director Tharun Bhascker is set to release his third film, Keedaa Cola on November 3. During a recent interview, Tharun revealed that he initially considered casting renowned Mega producer Allu Aravind for a role but the latter declined the offer politely.

Tharun penned an interesting character, Varadarajulu, in the film and wanted Allu Aravind to essay it. But after Aravind rejected it, Tharun roped in Brahmanandam for the same role. Tharun aimed to revive Aravind’s comedic acting in this film, but, regrettably, it didn’t materialize as intended. Allu Aravind earlier acted in films like Chantabbai and Hero.

The movie boasts a star-studded cast, including Brahmanandam, Chaitanya Rao, Rag Mayur, Vishnu Oi, Raghu Ram, Jeevan Kumar, and Tharun Bhascker himself.