Telangana TDP President Kasani Gnaneshwar is facing a legal case filed by Dr AS Rao, the party’s Goshamahal coordinator. Dr Rao, a resident of Gudimalkapur, lodged the complaint at the Banjara Hills Police Station.

According to Dr. Rao’s statement, he received a call on October 29th from the party’s office, requesting his presence at a meeting. Upon arriving, he was confronted and physically assaulted by Kasani Gnaneshwar, Prakash Mudhiraj, Bhikshapathi Mudhiraj, Ravindrachari, Bantu Venkatesham, Ailayya Yadav, Prashanth Yadav, and a few others who prevented him from entering the office.

On the other hand, party leader Prashanth Yadav has also initiated legal action against Dr. Rao, alleging inappropriate behavior towards other party leaders. Prashanth Yadav further mentioned that Dr. Rao had previously faced suspension from the party due to his improper conduct.