Today, TDP and Jana Sena have jointly announced their first list of candidates as a part of the alliance for the upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh. Jana Sena will be contesting from 24 Assembly and three Lok Sabha constituencies as a part of this alliance.

Speaking to the media, Pawan said that many of his party leaders requested him to ask for at least 60-70 Assembly seats. “I told them that if we had won at least 20-230 seats in the 2019 elections, I could’ve gotten a chance to ask that many seats. But as we won only one seat in the last election, we lost such an opportunity.”

Pawan requested all Jana Sena party members to work hard and get a 98% striking rate in these 24 Assembly and 3 Parliament constituencies. “Although we’re officially contesting in only 24 constituencies, it’s important to acknowledge our presence in 40 Assembly constituencies if we include the Lok Sabha constituencies in the calculation.”