Telangana’s Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has been targeting former CM K. Chandrashekar Rao ever since he came into power.

He has been imposing investigations into the projects done during the previous government’s tenure, trying to show any mistakes made. In his speeches, Revanth keeps blaming KCR and emphasising the faults done by the previous government.

Recently, Revanth Reddy asked for a vigilance report on the Medigadda Barrage issue claiming that KCR’s government wasted thousands of money on the Kaleshwaram project.

He also planned an all-party visit to Medigadda on February 13. Even KCR was invited but he might not join. On the other side, Congress Party Ministers say that the previous government cared more about getting commissions than building projects properly.

Now, Revanth upping the game and is getting ready to present a white sheet on the scams done by KCR in the agriculture sector.

Reportedly, he will present his claims with proper evidence and expose the failures done by KCR in the agriculture sector under KCR’s government.

He is gathering proof in various sectors before starting official investigations.

Sources say that soon, Revanth will also ask for investigations into the construction of the Secretariat, Martyrs Memorial, and Ambedkar Statue.