In Hyderabad, as in many parts of India, there’s a significant rise in women joining the workforce, seeking independence, and upgrading their lifestyle.

Unfortunately, along with this shift, there’s a concerning rise in smoking among young women. This rise in smoking is alarming, with India now ranking second globally in the number of female smokers.

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In popular Hyderabad hubs like Madhapur or Gachibowli, it’s becoming increasingly common to spot young women smoking in public areas or during office breaks.

Whether it’s with a group of friends or alone, they can be seen indulging in this habit while driving or commuting in vehicles like cars, cabs, or autos.

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Stress from careers and societal pressures contribute to this trend. Peer influence and easy access to products like hookahs and e-cigarettes also play a role.

Even adolescents, particularly girls, are increasingly taking up smoking to cope with stress or appear cool among peers. The portrayal of smoking in media further normalizes this habit.

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However, smoking poses severe health risks, including respiratory diseases, cancer, and cardiovascular issues. Women face additional risks, such as fertility problems and complications during pregnancy.