Rohit Sharma

Right at the starting stages of his career, the current captain of Team India, Rohit Sharma was an impeccable all-rounder for Deccan Chargers. He later became the most successful captain in the history of IPL with Mumbai Indians.

Now, after all these years, the stage appears to be prepared for the return of Rohit to the Hyderabad-based franchise.

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In his candid interview, Rohit remarked “I don’t think any current IPL theme song even comes close to Deccan Chargers song. I still remember that song”. While this comment might be a generic one, the timing of it is such that Rohit made this while there are already reports that he could return to SRH.

Fans are already speculating that Rohit is indirectly hinting at his affiliation with the Deccan Chargers franchise.

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It is clearly evident that Rohit has his heart elsewhere as he has been looking at bit off in the Mumbai Indians’ internal discussions. After having served as the captain of the side for many years and building it on his shoulders, Rohit is now looking like an outsider and this is not what his fans wanted.

While it is looking certain that Rohit will leave Mumbai come the end of the season, his next team is in question now. Will it be SRH, CSK, or Delhi? Or will it be some other team? We shall wait and see.

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