The Indian Premier League (IPL) captivates millions with its thrilling cricket matches, but what happens between overs reveals a dark truth about our society’s consumption patterns.

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Ads between overs, often dominated by gambling apps and masala products, reflect the influence of commercial interests on our choices.

While gambling apps come with disclaimers, the promotion of masala products raises ethical questions. Are these advertisements subtly endorsing oral tobacco in the name of ‘Elaichi’ ads, a legal but potentially harmful substance?

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India leads in oral tobacco consumption, correlating with high rates of mouth cancer.

Street vendors often pair mouth fresheners with oral tobacco, perpetuating addiction. The consequences are dire, with tobacco-related illnesses claiming half of users’ lives, including a significant portion of cancer deaths.

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Education and prevention are crucial. While there’s been a modest decline in tobacco use, particularly among the youth, breaking nicotine addiction remains hard to achieve.

The worst part is the endorsement of masala products by star heroes like Shah Rukh Khan or Mahesh Babu which contradicts efforts to discourage tobacco use.