19 NRI Women Arrested!A group of 30 Indians, including 19 Malayali nurses, were arrested in Kuwait during a security check at a private clinic. They were accused of not having the required documents and were shifted to the deportation centre.

The nurses, some of whom have young babies, claimed that they had valid visas and that the real problem was a dispute between the hospital owner and the sponsor. They sought the help of the Minister of State for the Ministry of External Affairs, V Muraleedharan, Indian Embassy and NORKA-Roots for their release.

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The incident has sparked outrage among the Indian community in Kuwait and raised questions about the safety and welfare of Indian workers in the Gulf country. Some activists have blamed the Indian government for not doing enough to protect the rights and interests of its citizens abroad.

They have demanded that the government intervene and ensure that the nurses are released and compensated for their ordeal. They have also urged the government to take steps to prevent such cases of harassment and exploitation of Indian workers in the future.

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