Indian student has gone missing in Chicago, USA.

This year has so far been very scary for Indian students studying in the USA. A large number of Indian students dying in various circumstances, some even very suspicious, has shook the whole community. In such a sensitive situation, another Indian student has gone missing in Chicago, USA.

The police have shared that the 26 year old student has been missing from 4300 block of N. Sheridan road in Chicago. It has been one week now since he was reported missing and no information is available about his whereabouts.

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The Indian Mission in the city shared the news on social media, assuring that all efforts are being made to establish contact with him again. The police have also issued a statement asking residents to share any information regarding the location of the missing person.

This adds to the series of incidents concerning Indian students in the United States. Last month, an Indian student who went missing was found dead in Cleveland. The authorities have failed to ensure the safety of Indian students and it’s like they are all on their own.

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USA is one of the top destinations for Indian students who opt for a foreign degree. Rise in incidents like these would definitely force many students to look for other options.