US Ambassador Eric Garcetti

While speaking at an event organised in Washington by the Council on Foreign Relations, US ambassador Eric Garcetti said, 10 years from today India will be a vibrant democracy as it is right now in case of free and fair elections. He also added that Indians like Americans, more than Americans like themselves.

He expressed that there are certain things Indians do better than Americans.

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He expressed his salutation while mentioning the security of India while votes are going on.

In India, securities checks the incoming bus and trucks just to make sure that there is no incoming money or arms. While talking about this thing he mentioned that he is super impressed by this action taken by India.

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He also added ,”I 100% believe we can trust this relationship. It’s going to be one of the defining relationships of the 21st century, the US and India together”.

When asked about the status of democracy in India, Garcetti said, “Again there’s things that probably are worse and there’s things that are better”.

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Throughout the interview he expressed his heartfelt gratitude and also said Americans do much great in India, rather than they do in America.