Harbir K Bhatia

If there’s one thing the Americans fear the most, it is someone coming from outside and taking their jobs. And when these so called outsiders are better at this job then there’s only one thing you could do, rise up to their level. But it looks like that might require a lot of effort and simply not allowing them in the country is a much easier alternative.

The USA has the largest tech industry in the world. The driving force of this industry is however the Indians and Indian-Americans working in this country. The CEO of Silicon Valley Central Chamber Of Commerce, Harbir K Bhatia said that Indians can take up all tech jobs in the United States.

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To make sure this doesn’t happen, America puts a cap on the number of visas issued to Indians. Around 40 percent of all CEOs and founders in Silicon Valley are Indians or South Asians. They have occupied key decision making positions in many fortune 500 companies.

There’s no doubt that Indians have a higher work ethic than Americans. It is only on the basis of merit that they have achieved such high positions in the field. Not allowing more Indians to work in the US might seem like a lucrative election scheme but ultimately it is not in the good interest of the industry.

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