Ashwin Ramaswami

Gen Z Indian-American has created a milestone by raising over USD 280,000 for his campaign. Ashwin Ramaswami is running for the US state legislature and just at the age of 24, he has outraised his opponent Shawn Still. The amount is humongous at the state level. He has managed to gain 22 times more amount than his opponent and the difference is astonishingly high. Both of them are running for the State Senate in the District 48 of Georgia.

Ashwin Ramaswami is a second-generation Indian-American who has built a promising career in software engineering. Apart from this he has also worked in election security, technology law, and policy research. He believes that his astonishing gain has proven that the community believes in a leader who has honesty and integrity.

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To reach his goal he has formed a campaign that starts from the grassroots to ensure an unprecedented momentum. He has been endorsed by Congresswoman Lucy McBath of Georgia’s seventh Congressional district. Right now the ball seems to be in his court as Senator Shawn Still is facing a seven-count indictment. His part as a conspiracy theorist trying to countermand the results of the 2020 election has clearly damaged his public image.

On the other hand, Ashwin Ramaswami’s contribution to nonprofits, startups, and small businesses by using technology to create jobs has gained praise.

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