European VISA Limit Extends Massively For Indians

The European Commission reports that Indian nationals who apply for Schengen visas in India can now obtain visas with multi-year validity and a track record of travel.

They are now able to travel freely inside the Schengen area for up to 90 days during a 180-day period thanks to the new visa regime. Indian nationals are permitted to travel to European nations for business purposes under the more benevolent regulations of the European Commission than the usual Visa Code regulations.

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If there is still enough validity on the passport, a five-year visa usually follows the two-year visa. Holders are granted the same travel privileges as citizens without a visa throughout this time. There are 29 European nations in the Schengen area, 25 of which are member states of the EU.

This move is in keeping with the EU-India Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility, which aims to facilitate people-to-people contacts as a major component of comprehensive cooperation on migration policy between the two nations

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