Rather heartbreaking news hailing once again from Canada, where the death of the three-month-old son of Gokulnath Manivannan has left him grieving. The accident that claimed the lives of Manivannan’s son and his parents occurred on April 29th when a liquor store employee who was being pursued ran into the family. The accident left 33-year-old Manivannan and his wife, Ashwita Jawahar, as the sole survivors.

The father is mourning the death of his family, making a heartbreaking statement that left many with scars on their chests. “His small toys and clothes remain spread around our home, and we have no courage in us to even enter our home, which is filled with our only son’s memories.”.

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He also included how his parents were here after retirement. The mother was ready to make the whole rip about her grandson.

The accident happened on one of the busiest highways, Highway 401. About 50 kilometers from Toronto, the culprit was making a run for it. He entered the highway in the wrong lane, causing a collision that brought six vehicles into its fold and claimed four lives in total. The four deaths were Manivannan’s father, his mother, his child, and the 21-year-old robber himself.

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The Indian consulate general has made a statement, extending their support to the grieving couple in “every possible way.” The investigations are underway, but they certainly bring the authorities into scrutiny. It has to be noticed that Canadian soil has been claiming too many Indian lives recently. Thus the question of safety becomes obvious.

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